Makeup Junkie Bags on Shark Tank

On 19th Jun 2019

Makeup Junkie Bags were Featured on Shark tank in January of 2019. Since the episode, the product has gained mass popularity all over the world. You can purchase Makeup Junkie Bags with free shipping at

Off the Racks Boutique offers a huge selection of pink label Makeup Junkie Bags. 


On the Shark Tank episode in January, Meredith Jurica, owner of Makeup Junkie Bags, accepted a $200,000 deal with Lori Greiner.

The Makeup Junkie bag is a flat lay, multi-functional bag that is sold in 3200 stores world-wide. The design is patent pending. 

Meredith's pitch on Shark Tank was very impressive. She accepted Lori's offer because she felt Lori would be the most present in their partnership, and that was what she was looking for in a partner. 

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