Sour - Fruity - Gummy *Mother's Day Collection exclusive*Made in United States of America
Dark Chocolate ~ Espresso Beans *Mother's Day Collection exclusive*Made in United States of America
A classic favorite - a fruity mix of bright gummy bears with zero sugar! *Made exclusively for boutiques and specialty retailers - available in limited quantities*
This jar is filled with delicious orange and vanilla taffy pieces that make the perfect Easter gift for that special person! Candy Club bring the best candies to you in a resealable plastic jar for easy gifting and snacking. 
Gummy • Fruity • Eggs
Chocolate - Marshmallow - Eggs
Sophisticated and sweet, these succulent jelly fruits are infused with real pear, raspberry, lime, black currant and orange juices! Non-GMO.
Refreshingly sweet gummy drops in a dazzling coating of rainbow nonpareils. Like a confetti popper in candy form, these colorful gummy drops are the perfect addition to celebrations! Non-GMO.
Great tasting watermelon flavored jelly candies, with a dusting of sour sugar, are mini versions of the real thing without the seeds! These candies even have a green colored “rind” that is tasty sweet too! Gluten Free.