Bourbon & Boweties: The Best Trend Ever!

On 2nd Jun 2014 In Bourbon & Boweties

We just received a brand new shipment of Bourbon & Boweties bangles here at Off the Racks Boutique! We just think they are the best thing ever. Every shipment is like Christmas morning! 

We love Bourbon & Boweties bangles firstly because these bangles are collectible. After your first purchase, consider yourself hooked! Seeing all the different stones of every color of the rainbow leaves you wanting one of each! If you see a stone you like, act quickly. You may not see that exact stone again.

Each Bourbon & Boweties bangle is unique! We have never seen two exactly bangles alike. Each bangle is made proudly here in the United States by Southern Hands. 

Bourbon & Boweties bangles are a classy and timeless accessory. We can see you wearing these year after year with many different outfits. Add a few pearl bangles or neutrals in with your colorful ones, or mix some bangles in with your other jewelry and you are all set to turn heads!

Bourbon & Boweties are conversation starters. People notice these bangles on your wrist and they want to know what they are! You will receive tons of compliments on your "arm party!" These bangles are the perfect accessory and everyone will want to know where you purchased them!

What are you waiting for? Shop our selection of Bourbon & Boweties and begin your collection today!

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