Artful Accessories: Lily & Laura Bracelets

On 25th Jun 2014 In Lily and Laura

We just can't pass up a good arm party! Affordable and unique, Lily and Laura bracelets are the perfect addition to your bracelet addiction collection.

The Lily and Laura brand has been in business for more than 8 years creating timeless accessories that are truly a work of art.

Lily & Laura's designs feature bright colors, unique patterns and the finest glass beads in the world. These colorful & unique bracelets are handmade in the Kathmandu Valley. The brand focuses their attention to employing women artisans in Nepal more than fair trade wages to hand craft each individual piece.

Lily & Laura bracelets are the perfect symbol of free spirited style and living. Each crochet bracelet is unique and stretch as they roll on to any hand. These bracelets are perfect for girls and women of all ages. Pick a few to express your personality!

lily and laura bracelets