All the Rage: Tik Tok Hot Chocolate Bombs

You've seen them all over Tik Tok, but you can't get your hands on them, SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE! 

Hot cocoa bombs are all the rage this season and make great gifts! Super satisfying to watch the chocolate melt into your hot milk, and they certainly make a great party favor!

We can't get enough of these amazing Hot Chocolate treat! Suprise all your friends and family with THE GIFT of the Christmas season!

It's like a bonbon, but instead of being filled with ganache or caramel, it's filled with our rich, delicious, vegan hot cocoa mix. Just drop two cocoa bomb bombs in your mug, pour hot milk of your choice on top, steep for 30 seconds, then stir well and enjoy!

You can choose either 2 bombs or 6 bombs per package!

Grab your hot cocoa bombs today at Off the Racks Boutique!