How would you like to earn rewards to purchase boutique dresses, tops and accessories at Off the Racks Boutique!?

You will earn $1 store credit for every product review you submit. Review Rewards are updated within 24 hours of your review submission. You must have purchased the item you’re reviewing in order to receive Review Rewards and write a valid review regarding the product. Please be descriptive and honest! Review Rewards are given at the discretion of Off the Racks Boutique and any abuse of the review program will result in forfeit of all credit.

How do I earn Review Rewards?


Earning Review Rewards at Off the Racks Boutique is easy. Purchase an item, write a review, receive your rewards. Simple as that! $1 is added to your store account for every review submitted.  The more reviews you write the more store credit you earn.

Be sure you enter your first and last name when you review the product to be sure your rewards are issued! Also be sure you have created an account on!

Click here to create an account!


What can I spend my Review Rewards on?


Review Rewards are not limited to certain products or exclude products from the program. You can use your rewards on ANYTHING on!


How do I use my Review Rewards?


You will be given $1 in store credit for every product review you write, these are updated daily as described above. You must be a registered user on our site to receive credit. You can use your Review Rewards during check out as a store credit on your purchase.

You can create an account here if you have not done so already.

If you have any questions about review rewards please email us: