Style Guide: What to Wear On a Date

15th Apr 2015

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Stylish Accessories: Handbags

6th Apr 2015

If you are a true fashionista you know that the top staple for accessorizing is your purse! A woman’s hand bag is her best friend, the one she can count on to keep all of her secrets—no matter how ma … read more

Brand Spotlight: Southern Darlin' Collection

24th Mar 2015

Growing up in the south, there are certain phrases and specific ways things are done. If you love sweet tea and find yourself using the word "ain't" then you are most likely a southern girl too... and … read more

Style Guide: What to Wear on Graduation Day

4th Mar 2015

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Wardrobe Essentials: The Transition from Winter to Spring

23rd Feb 2015

Contrary to what the weather man suggests, spring is right around the corner (March 20th to be exact!) which means you only have 4 weeks to update your wardrobes! Though we are dying to jump into all … read more