Real Life Fashion: Street Chic Style

On 27th Apr 2015

 Street style, more so than the red carpet or any other celebrity stomping ground, is the largest indictor of whether this season’s runway trends have actually stuck—or if the overall look of things has just developed a mind of its own. Here are the top 7 ideas that have been reigning the streets of New York, London, Milan, and Paris.


As we saw earlier in the season on the runway, fringe was a prominent factor that was popping up with many different designers of the time. This leading trend has managed to sprinkle its way onto the streets, proving that it truly is an element that everyone feels confident to sport.


It’s pretty clear that the multi-hued handbag is sticking around for a while! Anything that looks avant-garde in its shape, size and color variation is a true hit right now. An added flair of metallic buckles or piping on a clutch gives it that extra touch of uniqueness too!


This may come as a shock, but believe it or not, overalls have made a comeback. Girls continue to embrace the all-in-one---and look concurrently cool and playful at the same time. A nice dark denim or fun color mixed with a loose fitting button down or crop top make for a fun and flirty outfit.


When the Fall 2014 runway closed with the boho poncho, we had a hunch that Spring 2015 would also be inundated with the boho style. And so far—we have not been disappointed! Anything loose fitting and whimsical with a timeless pattern is excellent! Not to mention it can be paired with fringe for a truly Boho-mazing get-up!


In a bit of a surprise, white has been a consistent stand out on the streets—much to street style photographer’s relish. Whether the palette be of the same hue of white or be a combination of white, cream, beige or whatever else might coordinate with this delicate framing hue, it makes for a fantastic canvas against a Spring background of greens and florals.


The shirtdress was a fall catwalk standout that has managed to crop back up for spring and it translates wonderfully to the real world. This is one of those looks that can be great with a pair of strappy wedges but also looks classy with a pair of opulent flats. A nice cross-sling bag in a contrasting color is a wonderful addition.


Nothing beats looking like a total BAB with studs. Be it on a purse, a pair of shoes, or even a bracelet, studs are in more than ever. This look can also accompany fringe in a most pleasing way. We have seen this element all along the streets this streets this season, some even so bold and mixing their studs with a dark-hued floral pattern which is shockingly wonderful.


Something that we did not really see much of on the runway but are seeing more on the streets is the polo style top. If it has a tailored collar and a crisp V neck, then it is technically considered a polo. It’s great in a dress style or just a basic top. We have seen a lot of combinations of patterns with this style as well. So it’s a very versatile piece that could be added to any wardrobe.

As we have all noticed, not all of those gloriously outrageous trends of the runway manage to make an appearance on the streets in which we live. Some styles just are not practical for everyday wear. But these are the looks that have managed to weather through that storm so we may see them regularly during the spring season.